Dinosaur Party

I decided that I really like planning parties. It’s fun to me, and I hope that my kids feel special, because that is the whole purpose! Thank goodness for theinternet in helping with ideas for games and everything.

The Decorations:

Dinosaur Bingo:
Dinosaur Egg Relay Race:

Dinosaur Dig:
Dinosaur Egg Pinata:
So yah, I made this with a balloon and paper mache. It didn’t even come close to being dry, even with me blow-drying if for about 10 minutes. Craziness. So, the STRING broke first, then I tied it up again, and the paper clip holding it to the string came out through the paper. Ugh, so…we played pinata baseball.

Then we just whacked the thing on the ground to open it, after the baseball thing wasn’t working so well.

Originally posted on my family blog in September, 2009.