Heart Garland

Felt Heart Garland tutorial // lemon squeezy home

Hello all!  I’m excited to share this super easy, kid friendly heart garland today.

My two boys “threaded” the hearts, and they got 18 hearts each–9 black, 9 pink. I ended up cutting out all of the hearts since it’s too hard for kids to do with felt. Grab some ric-rac, some contrast ribbon, and some safety pins.

Line up the hearts, with a small gap between each one. Line your ribbon up the same length, but cut about 8 total inches longer, or at least long enough to tie off the ends.

With a rotary cutter or exacto knife, make a small slit 1/2″ above the tip, and 1/2 inch below the top, as pictured:
Cut about 1/2″ slits. Do this on each heart, so two slits on each heart. It actually goes really fast.

Pin two ribbons together. Make sure you tie a knot at the end so your kids don’t slip the hearts off.

I just showed my kids how to do it on the first one, like this:
They had a blast and kept telling me what a great craft it was.

felt heart garland tutorial // lemon squeezy home felt heart garland tutorial // lemon squeezy home felt heart garland tutorial // lemon squeezy home
You could fix the ric-rac to be on top, but I didn’t care that much. It ended up there most of the time anyways! Tie the ends, and you are done!
I just draped over and around my centerpiece on my dining room table. Easy, and fun for my kids!


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    Aw! So cute! I love that you enlisted your little guys to help you out too — can’t wait until I can get Elliot to be more involved in the crafting! Thanks for sharing, love the ricrac!

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    What a great idea! I think I like the look of your easy version more than the sewn version. Someday I will have a house and I will go craft crazy with all of your great holiday decoration ideas!