Wetbag Tutorial

Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home

Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home

I like wetbags because you can use them for more than just cloth diapering.  Take them to the pool for wet clothing and towels.  Maybe you have a little one who is potty training.  This would be a handy thing to have in the diaper bag for any accidents.  Much cuter than a plastic grocery bag, don’t you think?  This wetbag ends up being 9” x 12” and will fit about 3 large cloth diapers, but you can certainly adjust the sizes to make a larger bag.
To start, you’ll need the following materials:
*Two pieces 10” x 12.5” cotton fabric
*One 4” x 14” strip of cotton fabric
*Two pieces 10” x 12” PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric)
*9” zipper
*matching thread
*I read that polyester thread prevents wicking (leaking of moisture in the bag), so I usually use that if I have it.
*baby powder or tissue paper
Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home
With shiny side of the PUL up, lay your zipper on top of a short side.  DSCF7469
Place on of the cotton pieces of fabric on top of that, ride side of the fabric touching the zipper.  This is where the baby powder or tissue paper comes handy.  The shiny side of the PUL is tricky to sew on—my machine sticks and it isn’t fun!  So you can either place tissue paper on top of the shiny side of the PUL, or you can dab a little baby powder over the shiny side where you will be sewing.
Pin together.  Using your zipper foot, sew along the side of the zipper, as close to the zipper as you can.  You can see the dotted lines in the picture below—that is about how close you’ll be able to sew with the zipper foot.  Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home
  Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home
Turn both layers over and make the cotton and the PUL even along the sides and bottom.  Topstitch closely to the zipper.  Repeat above steps for the other side of the zipper using the remaining outer and PUL pieces of fabric.Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home  DSCF7478
Set the bag aside for now.  Let’s make the strap.  Fold the 4” x 14” strip in half and sew 1/4” seam along the long side.
Open the seam and iron.DSCF7481
Turn right side out and topstitch along both long sides.DSCF7482
Pin the strap to the cotton fabric, preferably on the side where you would start to unzip (so opposite of how I did it—oops!).  I think it’s better that way so if it’s hanging by the handle and you have to put something in there, you can unzip it much easier with one hand.Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home
Take the two outer cotton layers and line up as evenly as you can, right sides together.  So your PUL is pulled up and out of the way.  Sew 1/4” seam down each side, making sure to catch the zipper at the top and also the handle that you pinned in.  Leave the bottom open.  Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home
Now take the two PUL layers and also line them up as evenly as possible, shiny sides together.  Leave the bag how it is in the above picture.  So the zipper is on the inside, and the cotton layers are still showing the wrong side.  The PUL and the cotton layers are NOT connected at all besides at the zipper.  Sew along all  3 sides of the PUL, leaving the zipper side open.  Since you are sewing on the non-shiny sides, your machine should work fine on this part without tissue paper or baby powder.  DSCF7487
Turn the bag right side out by pulling the cotton layer down over the PUL layer.    Tuck the bottom of the cotton layers and iron.  Topstitch closed.  DSCF7482
Now you have a cute, and better yet, reusable bag for wet items or cloth diapering!
Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home Wetbag Tutorial // a lemon squeezy home


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    I was just looking around today for tutorials to make a cloth travel wipes case. I’ll just use about half the length and this will work perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

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    Great tutorial. I am wondering about PUL. Is this something that is readily available at say a Joann Fabrics or more of an on line item? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this fabric. could you use oilcloth?

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    This is awesome! I have exactly that same fabric and I also have leftover PUL just sitting around waiting for me to do something with it and I LOVE this idea. My current CD wetbag is falling apart…i totally plan on making this ASAP!

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    I am new to sewing and just attempted to make this wet bag. I got a little lost though in the directions and was wondering when you sew the other side of the zipper? the first part of the instructions is sewing one side, right? Then how do you attach the cotton and PUL to the others side? Hope this question makes sense. I want to try again, since it didnt turn out well

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    I’m sorry! I added that part in now and hopefully it won’t be as confusing. Let me know if you have any more questions! This was back when I was first starting the blog and so my pictures could have been more explanatory. Again, let me know if there are more questions! Thanks!

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    THANKS SO MUCH! I get it now, and bought more fabric to do it again. It makes sense and I should have been able to figure it out myself, but Im new to sewing and still learning. I appreciate you explaining how :)

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    hey there! Just wondering if anyone else had the trouble I had with getting the shiny side of the PUL to be the part that will be touching my wet things. If I start with the shiny side down when I do my zipper, when I do my finishing stitches I have to put them soft sides together…what did I miss? No matter how I look at it, if you start with shiny side down it makes it like that! Ack! I love this pattern and want to know if it’s me, or the tutorial! Thank you so much!!

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    Found your tutorial through the archives on One Pretty Thing. This is super cute! I was about to start making a wet bag for cloth diapers, but I’m new to cloth diapering and wasn’t sure about good dimensions. This was perfect! Also, I love that you added a handle (and explained which side of the zipper it should go on). So helpful! Thanks for sharing! :)

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    I love this! Where can I find this fabric, or cute fabric like this? I’m trying to make new crib sheets for my daughter but can’t find anything this cute and chic at the same time. Thanks!

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    I love the tutorial! I posted mine on my blog- patternshmattern.blogspot.com

    I had a really hard time sewing the PUL, even with babypowder and then with a liner. You’re much better at it than I am :)

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    One quick question- shouldn’t it be the cotton that is 10 x 12.5 inches instead of the PUL? It seems like the PUL is gathered up inside the bag because it’s a longer length than the outer cotton cover.

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    I finished my first one today! I’m going to post a picture of it on my blog (come by and visit if you get an inkling… http://housefulofnicholes.blogspot.com )

    However, I am having the hardest time finishing of the bottom so that the raw edges aren’t showing. I’m a sewing novice,though, so it could be something that I’m not understanding from the tutorial. Thank you so much for it though! I can now get all those cute prints without paying $20 a wetbag!

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    Thanks for the great tutorial! I’ve been looking for a cute wetbag. I’m assuming that you can wash this right in the washing machine, right? I needed something because I plan on CD-ing my new baby and need something when we are out and about. So far I’ve only made some wool diaper soakers out of recycled wool sweaters, I have a tute on my website if anyone is interested. (scrimplythrifty.wordpress.com) The zipper for me might be a challenge, since I have never done one before, but it’s something I need to learn. Thanks for making the instructions so clearly. :)

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    Great tut. Just finished making a big wetbag…took about an hour from start to finish (and I am a newbie with the sewing machine).

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    Could you just use a laminated cotton or would that leak through. I’m new to sewing, so I’m not sure if that could be substituted or not? I’m just looking for an easy way out… but if there isn’t one, C’est Lavie!

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    I have used this tutorial to make several wetbags. Thanks for the simple to follow tutorial.

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    @ Kylee you can definitely use laminated cotton but if you are going to pin fabrics together make sure to do it as close to the edge as possible so there aren’t any leaks through your pin holes. Unfortunately laminated cotton isn’t as easy to find :(
    Great tute, Thanks so much!

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    I just wanted to tell you how awesome your tutorial is :) I think I’ve made 6 or so now, as they make the perfect gift for anyone with a little one! My friends use them for cloth diapers, or swimming, or spit-up/blow-out collecting, or any number of things! I can’t wait to make more. Thanks!

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    Hi there, is there any way to make a wet by without a zipper foot? I’ve got the loan of a machine for a week but they forgot to give me the zipper foot! Got gorgeous material and I’m desperate to get started!