Sew Through the Decades, Week Four: 1930’s



I finally finished my dress for the 30’s—last week’s challenge.  It isn’t perfect, but in the end I do really like it.

I was inspired by what I read about sleeves becoming more detailed and full during this decade.

I used McCall’s 6024 pattern, and there were some definite problems that I ran into with the pattern!  I’m glad I only paid a buck for it.  It could of course have been my mistakes in cutting and sewing, but I’m pretty confident that not all of it was me.  I could go on and on actually, but I will refrain.  Just know that I think the pattern has some issues!

DSCF9754DSCF9784 DSCF9786 DSCF9788 DSCF9789

So my hubby and kids came with me to take pictures.  We drove the 15 minutes to the spot we liked, took two pictures, and the camera died.  So we tried turning it on and quickly snapping a shot and that worked twice more, and then we couldn’t do anything else!  Frustrating!  So we went home, and I called Sabra and she went with me to get some more photos.  Thank you friend! DSCF9791 DSCF9797 DSCF9798

I love hanging out with Sabra.  She’s just a fun person to be around.  We had a good time, but I felt like an idiot and well, I look like one too in a few.  Here are my three “favorite” dorky pictures.  I’m looking at the thousands of bugs and mosquito’s getting me in the next picture. DSCF9801

I look like I’m trying to fly in this one.  Pretty sweet. DSCF9802

Really, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I just feel silly trying to pose for pictures.  The  lighting wasn’t really ideal, and my camera wouldn’t focus either, so the pics are a little blurry tonight!  DSCF9816

As bad as the smell and bugs were, the sunset was rather pretty.  Pictures don’t always do it justice.  DSCF9821


The only other person able to participate this last week was Flor do Céu.  She made this awesome framed saying inspired by a British poster in 1939.  Isn’t it lovely?  I’d love to make something with this saying on it!

Fullscreen capture 6282010 122626 AM.bmp

Are you ready for the 1940-1949 decade?  I’m going to keep it more simple this week!


  1. says

    I totally had fun last night! And I’m pretty sure only came away with one bite, not bad!

    And that dress is fabulous, really. So flattering on your body and just fun. Also, love the tiny polkadots. Sorry my pictures don’t do it justice.

  2. says

    I love the dress! After a month of visiting family or being visited, things have finally calmed down, so I may actually be able to participate now!

  3. says

    How wonderful!! You look gorgeous and I’m amazed yet again at your handiwork!! I love that saying, I had it on my blog as a button for a while. It’s great because really, what else can we do?! :) xo

  4. says

    Oh! I love your dress and your dorky pictures! :)

    The sign is beautiful!

    I can’t believe I’m two weeks behind in these challenges… ugh. I’m so bummed… I need to catch up.

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    i forgot to comment on this one, i love the dress on you, it turned out great. very pretty.

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    I know this is an older post. But the whole story of you posing for the picture and the camera and all just made me laugh.
    I had my son taking pictures of me awhile ago and I just felt like a big goof.
    Check out my story…

    It will make you laugh because I am SO not a model…

    Anyhow, I just found your blog site and the Purse contest… (Yeah it is September and this is like a July comment…) hey what can I say?

    Anyhow great pics by the sea!!!!!