Tissue Pouch Tutorial

In case you missed me on Tea Rose Home a couple weeks ago, here is what I did on Sachiko’s awesome blog.  Enjoy!

I thought initially that this tutorial would be better during the winter months, but with allergy season in full swing, tissue pouches are great any time of year!  They are so easy to make as well.  You can whip one up in less than half an hour (probably closer to 15 minutes!).
DSCF9735-1 DSCF9742-1

The main tutorial will show how pouch A was made.  Steps for pouch B and C are included at the end of the main tutorial.

What you’ll need:

-one 6” x 7.5” piece pattern fabric

-one 6” x 7.5” piece fabric for the lining

-one 6” x 7.5” heavyweight fusible interfacing

-For pouch A:  two 6” pieces ribbon.

-For pouch B:  one doily.  

-For pouch C: two 1” x 12” strips knit, that have been sewed with a basting stitch, and stitches pulled to create two ruffles.
Step One:
Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the lining fabric.

Step Two:
Take your outer fabric and place the two 6” strips of ribbon onto the 6” sides of the fabric.
Take your interfaced lining and place the right sides of the lining and outer fabric together, making sure to have the ribbon still in place along the 6” edges.  DSCF9700

Step Three:
Sew the two 6” sides together through all layers with a 1/4” seam.DSCF9702

Step Four:
Turn right side out and topstitch along both sides with the ribbon.DSCF9704

Step Five:
Take one of the sides with the ribbon and fold in to the middle of the fabric.  Repeat with other side.  DSCF9705
Step Six:
Stitch a 1/4” seam.  Maybe straighter than mine:).  DSCF9707

Step Seven:
Clip corners and turn.  All done!  SO simple!DSCF9709

For pouch B, sew the doily onto the outer fabric before doing anything.  DSCF9711
Sew the interfaced lining on the same way as pouch A in step three.  Turn and topstitch along the 6” edges.  Finish with steps five through seven.DSCF9712 DSCF9713 DSCF9714 DSCF9729

For pouch C, take your two ruffled knit strips and place along the two 6” sides of outer fabric.  Sew along the basting stitches on the strips, onto the outer fabric.DSCF9720
Fold the ruffle over for the next part.  DSCF9721
Sew on the interfaced lining with right sides of outer and lining together, making sure not to catch the ruffles.DSCF9722
Topstitch the same way as step four, making sure to fold back the ruffle so you don’t catch it.  Finish by using steps five through seven!DSCF9726   DSCF9732



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    Love the colors you used! I still use mine, that you made, all the time! I might try a lighter color for the spring and summer seasons!

  2. says

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’d love to make one of these as I always have a plastic pack of tissues in my bag. I don’t know about in the US but the pocket packs of tissues here in the UK don’t open like a normal box – do you have a special little pack or do you take tissues out of a box and fold them up to put in your pouches?

  3. says

    This is a great tutorial! But it doesn’t say if this is for the little pocket packs or for the regular sized tissues. Can I just buy the purse size ones and take them out of the plastic wrapper?

  4. says

    I made my first one lastnight and it turned out great! I added the strap to attach to my purse and thanks to your tutorial it was super easy! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love this tutorial! thanks so much for sharing :) I made three as part of teachers gifts and one for my mom… next I’ll make some for friends and myself! I love that they hold the tissue packs. It’s an extra special touch to a purse or diaper bag!