Attention All Purse Week Contestants: Read This!

Wow!  I am amazed at your talent!  Seriously, it has blown me away how many great purses there are!  Luckily, most of the judging isn’t going to be done by me, ha ha!  I might throw in 1-2 opinions about who should make the top 10, but other than that, I’m leaving it in the hands of the capable judges!

***This is important!***  I’ve emailed probably 15ish people letting them know that they are not meeting the date requirements for the purse entries.  In the rules, it has been stated that your purse has to be made after JULY 1st, 2010.  If you look on flickr, you can see the date your picture was taken on, and with what kind of camera in the upper right hand corner.  Like this:

Fullscreen capture 1072010 83856 PM.bmp

See how I’ve circled the date—it says “this photo was taken on September 21, 2010.”

Some have emailed me back and have said their camera settings were wrong.  That is fine.  I believe you.  I hope that this doesn’t let everyone think that it’s ok to say that if it isn’t true, though.  Please be honest!  At the end of the day, it comes down to you and no one will really know.  Just do the right thing, mmmkay?

No matter what though, if your date is not after July 1st, 2010, to still be considered for the contest, you must either fix the settings on your camera and re-take the pictures, OR explain yourself in your pictures why the date is off. Simple.  Easy.  But you need to do it or else the judges will pass by your entry and it won’t be considered.  I’ve got to stick with the rules so everyone is happy!

ALSO, you may only upload 1-3 photos, per purse.  If you have more, please go and remove them!

I hope I don’t sound rude, because that’s not the tone in my head.  It’s just a reminder because I want everyone to have a chance and not be passed by because of the date or too many photos.

Again, you guys amaze me.  Thank you for being involved in the contest!


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    I would have entered but that whole flickr thing scares me! Never mind I’m sure I will be taught how to use it one of these days. Yes I’m sure it is simple!

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    You’re not being rude, really! This is so much work I am sure every one understands you saying this to help…

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    I love people that can stick to the rules and sound so nice doing it. thanks for the contest and 2 thumbs up