Turkey Shirts

Last year I saw the cutest turkey shirt through Ucreate.  You can find the real version here on Treasures for Tots.  Mine is just a fake version, because I LOVE that you can use a fun combination of fabric on it,  but with 3 kiddos to make them for, and not having enough heat n’ bond, I figured we’d just get out some paint after doing the main body for the turkey rather than cutting out so many hand shapes (I’d have had to cut out 30 hand shapes with the heat n’ bond!).  DSCF3414


Just a couple tips really fast.

Before we did the handprints, I traced the turkey shape Angie linked to on her tutorial so that we could have a guideline for the feathers.DSCF3401

A lot of times the paint didn’t fill in the whole hand space, so I just filled in with my sponge brush.

I did end up sewing around the turkey’s body, just in case.

And my last tip?  Don’t try to do this alone with three kids—especially if one of them is a 2 year old!  It was tricky!  I should have done it when Dillon was home.  But we took turns with the same color so their feathers could be drying while the next kid took a turn.  DSCF3405

It’s kind of amazing we ever get a picture with all three kids looking good at the same time, ha ha!DSCF3417


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    You brave soul–3 kids and paint!
    I love how in every photo she looks like she’s just humoring you while the other two are grinning.

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    I don’t know why or how but I hadn’t seen those yet. These are adorable! Your kids must have loved doing this. it is a great idea!

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    I’m just now seeing this!! I absolutely LOVE your version!! So CUTE and FUN – I love how the kids got to get their hands all covered with paint – I bet they LOVED that!! I totally need to do this with Serenity this year – I bet she’d love it too! I’ll link when I do. And thank you very much for linking my tutorial too!!