Long Mittens: a Tutorial

This is likely my last tutorial for the rest of the month, just so’s you know. I wanted to get them up quickly so that you could use them this season!  And mittens would make a great gift!b mittens

Have you ever had your kid come in crying because they have snow down their sleeves?  I definitely have, and since my oldest son C was about 3 years old, I’ve just added a longer section onto gloves he had from the store.  That way snow stays off their arms, and their arms have an extra layer for warmth!  DSCF3640

Then I realized how easy it would be to just make the mitten portion as well.  I’ve actually had this idea on my list since I started my blog in January!  So after nearly a year, I finally got around to it!long mittens

You’ll need some fleece, and thin elastic.  That’s it!

First trace your child’s hand.  DSCF3241

And measure around their wrist for the elastic measurement.DSCF3244

Make your pattern—it’s very easy and really does not have to be perfect.  You will round out the fingers a bit more, then add space to the side of the thumb, so it’s more of a line down rather than dipping in by the wrist area.  Also, add 1/2” – 1” around the entire pattern, to allow for easy fitting and seams.  You really want to make sure that you have enough room for their arm to fit into the glove, so make sure to measure for that as well.

So the pattern I’m using for this is the one on the right pictured below.  The one on the left is what I used to make the pattern on the right—see the part on the left pattern where B’s hand is traced?  The extra part I added at the bottom is about 6”, though you’ll want to measure the child’s forearm to see how long you’ll want it, allowing for a 1/4” seam along the bottom.  I also had to tape two pieces together since it was longer than a standard size paper.DSCF3598

So after cutting with your fleece folded along the straight edge of the pattern, this is what you should end up with (the pattern is covering the other side of the mitten, so it looks like the right side, but reversed:DSCF3589

Fold up the bottom part of the mitten 1/4” and stitch.  There is no need to finish the edge with fleece.  Yea!DSCF3584

Mark where the child’s falls on the mitten—make sure you are thinking of the added 1/2” – 1” around the pattern.  B was asleep so I put my elastic a bit too low.  Sew one end down with a couple straight stitches, making sure to backstitch.  Then change to a zig-zag stitch and sew, stretching the elastic to meet the other side of the glove.DSCF3590

Fold the mitten in half, matching sides, and pin.  Stitch using a 1/4” seam.DSCF3592DSCF3593

Note how for the thumb area, you sew a V.DSCF3595

Clip to the corner of the thumb, but be careful not to cut too far!DSCF3603


That’s all—easy right?  Now make another and you have yourself, as my 2 year old says, “A comfy and cozy” pair of mittens.DSCF3641



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    Love your tutorials! I have at least three on my to-do list. You are an inspiration to beginning designers, and I just wanted to drop a line letting you know that!

    Now I have another item to make for all my little nieces and nephews!


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    no way! i was totally thinking of doing this for Jonas. Thanks for doing the hard work in figuring it out. And love Miss B’s littl hands. CUTE!

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    This is perfect timing! I just read another tutorial last night and planned to make my little girl some mittens today. Then after using her store bought ones out in the snow this morning (and having to constantly put them back on!!), I am convinced your tute is the way to go. Doing these today!!!! Thank you!

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    Great tutorial. I just LOVE your little model. She just looks so laid back in all the picture but, being a Mom of 3 boys myself, I’m sure you just laughed at that comment. LOL

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    THanks! I was planning on making some, today actually, based on another tutorial. Then I was just going to add socks on the end to make them longer. Duh, why not just use fleece. They are cute, too!

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    I’m pretty sure this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Including B’s little face. I wish I liked to sew!!

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    Awesome! I’ve been meaning to make some for my daughter so her mittens actually stay on. Thanks for showing me how (and saving me all that figuring out time) Merry Christmas!

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    As I was reading the tutorial, I was thinking what adorable little hands and what a cute, cute, model! After reading other comments, I see it is unanimous! Great idea for mittens!! I have lots of fleece and elastic AND grandkids!! thanks

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    that’s a cute tutorial … but the cutest thing about this tutorial is your daughters chubby little hand. So very sweet …

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    I love this. Today I was trying to figure out a way the youngest grandson would not be able to take his mittens off. This will work. I am not going to make the thumb part though. Maybe he will not fight as bad. I will see. If it don’t work I still have plenty of fleece.
    Thank you for the idea!

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    oh those are the cutest little hands sitting there inside of your pattern piece. LOVE it Christie!