Quick Gift Idea


I have a full tutorial for these tissue pouches here.  They really are so easy and fast to make!  If you are looking for even more gift ideas, visit my tutorials list.


Today I’m going to show you how to add a strap for a purse.  DSCF3920

I had too much fun with the hand sanitizer holders, I suppose.  One reader also mentioned that they’ll use it for hand lotion.  Great idea!

To add a loop for your tissue pouch, use the normal pieces found in the tissue pouch tutorial.  But to those materials, add a button, and two 8” x 2” pieces of matching fabric.


To make the strap, place right sides together and sew around the entire thing, except leave one of the ends open.  Clip corners and turn.DSCF3903

Topstitch.  I didn’t even tuck in that unfinished edge, but if that bothers you, then tuck it in while you topstitch so it’s closed off and has a finished edge.DSCF3904

Pin it in the middle of the outer fabric piece and baste just close to the edge so the strap stays in place.DSCF3905

Then fold it and pin so that it’s out of the way of where you’ll be sewing.DSCF3907

Place inner and outer pieces for the tissue pouch right sides together, and finish the pouch by following the rest of the tutorial.DSCF3909


To finish the strap, sew a buttonhole, then sew on the button (I made sure my thread didn’t go through the other side).  DSCF3911DSCF3918


I love it when I receive emails or look in the flickr pool and see new things added using my tutorials.  I am going to do a Feature Friday sometime after December.

Want to know the easiest way to share what you’ve done with me?  Upload it to flickr. Emails are wonderful as well, but sometimes I forget to transfer the emails to  my Feature Folder.  Flickr will really guarantee that I won’t forget about it  :).  So if you’ve sent me an email with something you want featured on Feature Friday, add it to flickr as well so that I don’t forget!  ________________________________________________________________________

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