Pajama Bottoms

The pair Little Miss B is wearing was actually made for my soon to be one year old niece, using a pattern sized 12 months old.


I used a McCall’s pattern—actually one of the very first patterns I ever bought!


It was hard to tell what side was the front or back, so I just added a quick rosette so B could tell how to put them on since she’s into dressing herself these days.


She loved them!  The flannel is actually really soft for being $1.50 fabric from Wal-mart.  (If you are new to my blog, I might seem to have a strange love for Wal-mart.  Not true—I just don’t live very close to any craft stores.  That will be changing in the spring as one of my favorite go-to craft stores is going to be built about 10 minutes away from me—YEA!!!)


Clearly, the pattern is waaaayyyyyy too big for a one year old.  They are even a little too big for my 2 year old!


I was planning on making B a pair this past weekend as well, so I’m really glad I started with the smaller pair first so these could just be B’s and I could make another pair for my niece.


B was in a super silly mood when I took these pictures!  She was super talkative as well until I started to tape her!DSCF4434

Thanks for reading my blog!  Wednesday I’ll have a new tutorial for you!


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    Love these! I’ve been meaning to make some PJ pants for my girls for awhile now. I might finally have to get started. Great idea with adding the flower to tell front from back :)

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    The rosette (or something similar) is a brilliant way to indicate the front! I have made my poor six year old search around for the double stitching to work out where the back of her pants are. She’ll be so pleased and relieved, as will my two year old, to find a little motif of some kind on the front of her next pair of home-made pants/shorts! :)

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    I love these, so cute and they look so comfortable too! I would love to see the 12 month old who would fit in these…

    Adorable pics too.