Sewing Machine Silhouette Graphic: Free Download

sewing machine
For the Sewing Through the Decades challenge a few months ago, I designed a sewing machine graphic.
Since it’s been popping up around the internet, I figured I might as well share it since it’s a little late and people can already find it by doing an image search.  The only reason I had wanted to keep it unavailable was because of my Etsy shop where I sell the pendants and two different files you can purchase that use the image.  I hope I will still receive orders for those after sharing this today!  But since it’s online and I don’t have a way to get it off, here it is!

The latest version can be downloaded here.
sewing machine
And the original version can be downloaded here.
Sewing Machine pics for Etsy
It would be really fun to use with your silhouette machine with vinyl, paper, or fabric.  If you use the image, I’d love to see what you’ve done!  Also, you must link back to this post if you make anything using the graphic!  Enjoy!

For personal use only:  please contact me otherwise!


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    I LOVE your pendants! I’ve actually asked for one for Mother’s Day this year. Yes….I have to start early so I have plenty of time to remind him! ;)

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    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you,,,, That’s so sweet of you. I really love this image. I’d definitely link back to you once I’m done with my project.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this image. I saw that someone painted a canvas with this image and the words Stay Calm and Sew On. I have been wanting to make one for my future sewing room. I will send a picture when I do. Thanks again!

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    Haha! I just bought a pendant yesterday.It had been in my favorites for a while. I’m sure you will still sell lots of them. They are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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    I am so sorry someone put it up on the internet without your permission! Thanks for sharing the original with us.

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    It’s such a perfect image, no wonder people wanted to use it. Very nice of you to share. And I love my pendants you’ve made.

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    It really is sicking and discouraging that people take others creations and share them without your permission! I am sorry, don’t loose hope and thanks for sharing on your own page so that others are not tempted to go and find it elsewhere.

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    I love your blog, you are so creative. That really stinks that people where using something you worked hard to create, without you permitting them to do so. I’m not sure if you just uploaded it to Google Docs but I had a similar experience, it was because Google has the right to post any item made with Google Docs(or an affiliate), apparently that is there right because you to use there service for free.

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    That’s kind of lame that it got leaked without your permission. How did that happen do you think? In any case, it’s super nice of you to share with us!

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    Oh this is so cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I think I see a “sew happy” tee shirt (via iron transfer) in the my near future!!! And thanks for the link to your shop…I think I’m asking for one of those pendents for Mother’s Day!!!

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    I purchased a couple of your pendants and I get more compliments on them! If I ever want more — I will be sure to order them from you! you did a great job!

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    Is it possible to use this fabulous image as part of a logo for a charity project in North East England? If you send me an email address I can explain more and let you know what our project is about. Many thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. Jane Nesbitt, Community Training Co-ordinator