Happy Halloween! {Harry Potter Costumes}

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Tonight C is Harry Potter (glasses he got from THIS awesome party).DSC_1531 1

DSC_1502 1DSC_1508 1

D is Ron Weasley:DSC_1499 1DSC_1496 1DSC_1501 1

And Little Miss B is Hermione Granger:DSC_1514 1DSC_1512 1

DSC_1515 1

With this Harry Potter lego sitting on the top of my sewing machine…DSC_1479 1

… I used Simplicity pattern 5512 as a guide for these 3 costumes.  I greatly altered the pattern pieces, but it was a great starting point for me.  DSC_1480 1

After my kids figured out what they wanted to be, I looked at Harry Potter robes and ties online, only to find that they are pretty pricey.  Buying one wouldn’t be bad, but times it by 3 and it’s too much for me!  I made these costumes for about $15.00 each.  Not as cheap as I had hoped, but the quality is better than what I would pay for online.  If I bought the robe and a tie, I was looking at at least $35.00 per costume for any that were decently reviewed.  DSC_1485 1

I added a lining to the robes, and a pocket for their wands (ordered off Amazon—they make a cool noise and everything). Thanks to Sabra for helping me figure out how to line them! DSC_1481 1

The 3 Gryffindor crests I ordered on ebay for $9.00 total, shipped.  They aren’t official, I’m sure, but they look great and my kids thought they were the coolest.DSC_1477

I really cheated on the ties and didn’t do them any sort of official way.  I learned before when I made ties that they take a long time to sew the correct way.  DSC_1473

So here’s a little short version of how I sewed them.  I traced a tie that fit the kids so there were two pieces.  Not long, just a few inches longer than the top of the tie I traced.  I cut strips for the stripes and made them kind of like single folded bias tape.  Then I sewed the stripes on, placed right sides together and left a space to turn on the side near the top narrow area.  I sewed around the edges minus the hole to turn, clipped the corners, turned, topstitched the hole, and ironed.  tie collage

I made a loop with the top part of the tie and topstitched down, then folded in half and sewed a couple stitches in the back to make it bunch.  October 2011

I made the neck band the same way as I do my bow tie neck bands and looped it through the ties.  Easy and SO cheap with the cheap-o Walmart fabric!  DSC_1474DSC_1475

I sewed on an elastic hair-band to secure the robe closed, with two buttons on either side.  DSC_1478

And for the vests, I just bought a cheap sweatshirt or t-shirt from the thrift store ($1.00 each), cut the necks to a V, and sewed on gray double folded bias tape.  Just a note:  I liked how the sweatshirt looked much better than the t-shirts!DSC_1412

DSC_1520 1DSC_1525 1DSC_1527 1DSC_1491 1 - Copy

(Tomorrow I’ll show you what the hubs and I were.  The kids were disappointed we didn’t dress up to go along with them, but we did dress as a “couple”.)


  1. says

    Haha! Adorable! Great job on the costumes!

    Also, I really hope one of you was Voldemort. That would be funny. :)

  2. says

    Amazing!!!!!! You did a great job!
    The costumes are soooooo much better than the ones you can buy – your kids look fantastic!
    Happy halloween,

  3. says

    Your robes look fantastic. We are also potter themed in our home, and I cracked up when I saw you did the same hair treatment. I love it!

  4. says

    These photos totally made me smile. Your kids look awesome, and the costumes are fantastic. Great job!

  5. says

    Great Job on the costumes! They look fantastic. The photos are such keepsakes. I hope they have a great time trick or treating!

  6. says

    LOVE the wand pocket! You’re so clever. J informed the that the one with C on the rock is the “coolest of the pictures”. It all looks great!

  7. says

    looooove these! amazing job. and the wand pocket – seriously? wonderful. my classroom is set up in four groups and each is a different house from harry potter.

    and i teach 11th grade. all my kids think i’m quite a dork but i’m okay with it.

  8. says

    These are awesome! Great job Christie. All the details are amazing and for $15 each…that’s really good.

  9. says

    The costumes are great and I love the expression on Little Miss B’s face in the first photo!

  10. says

    Okay, those are probably the cutest group of dressed up kids I’ve seen this Halloween. I LOVE that they all wanted to be them together. So cute!!

  11. says

    Oh my word you went all out! I love these costumes! And I love that you went to Etsy for Gryffindor things. You have such talent.

  12. says

    I love these robes! I’m going to make one for my daughter. I like the look of the fabric you used. Do you mind sharing what type you used? And does the pattern give instructions on how to add the lining? Thanks!