Ten Gift Wrapping Ideas

DSC_0244 - CopyIn case you missed me over at jame, here are 10 really easy gift wrapping ideas.
Almost all of the items I used are just from the dollar section at Target, and a couple items used are from Walmart and Joann.  I’m not going to really do any tutorial-ish type of thing, since I’m pretty sure you are all smart enough to figure out how I did them!  Just get out your supplies, some tape, and some glue to hold your finishing touches in place!

This yarn is fabulous, and can be found in the yarn section at Walmart for under $2.00 I believe.  I love it because it looks like bakers twine.  DSC_0244

Ornaments from Target’s Dollar Section. DSC_0246DSC_0248

Glitter trees from Target’s dollar section.DSC_0249DSC_0267DSC_0266

Yarn from Walmart, beads for a dollar at Joann.DSC_0252DSC_0253

Berries from Target, twine I already had.DSC_0256DSC_0255

The next two would be fun for kids.  Stickers all from Target section.DSC_0282DSC_0283

These reindeer stickers are also from Target.  It would be cute to draw little speech bubbles that said the TO: and FROM: bit.  DSC_0240

Doily’s from the wedding section at Walmart.  I used a glue stick to glue them on the paper.DSC_0257DSC_0259DSC_0260

Ric-rac is the cutest, and I have some vintage ric-rac given to me from my mother-in-law.  This one was perfect!DSC_0261DSC_0264
Tinsel from Target’s Christmas section.  $2.00.  DSC_0269DSC_0270DSC_0271

And there you have it!  Ten super simple, inexpensive ways to spice up your gift wrapping this Christmas!DSC_0280


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    I loved this the first time you posted it and I love it now! You have such a natural knack for all things pretty and for what would photograph nicely.