Baby Blankets


I have two cousins welcoming new babies in the next month, so my family had a big shin-dig of a party this past Sunday.


I used Katy of No Big Dill’s tutorial she posted on Delia Create’s Nesting Series, HERE.  Although Katy seems to be able to sew straight lines on her bias tape and I do not.  I thought mine looked close to hers, but now that I post these pictures, they make me laugh out loud!  Can I blame it on the thickness of my fabric once folded in half?  No?  Ok…I accept defeat. I never have liked competition much. Oh look, this 4” portion didn’t turn out too crooked!



The good news is that the mamas seemed to like them, and said the crooked stitching looked like it was on purpose.  So I went with it ;).  What sweet ladies they were.


I might have to make one for me because they are SO soft!  I’m not sure what the fabric was called.  I bought it at Joann by the minky fabric.  I bought some minky last week with their awesome sales and 20% off total purchase coupon to try using the same fabric as Katy did in her tutorial, and it is MUCH thinner, so here’s to better luck with the bias tape next time.

I ended up serging the edges on the second blanket before sewing on the bias tape because it was way too thick.


Plus I had to sew on the bias tape this way…


because when I didn’t do that, the back looked like this:


Not pretty.  So yah, those are my tips if you are trying to use thicker cuddly fabric as I did.  I’m excited to try it on minky.  Speaking of minky, Abby from Sew Much Ado posted some great tips on sewing with minky yesterday.

And since my favorite part about Katy’s blankets were her cute No Big Dill tags, I decided to tackle some of my own.  I used Twill Patches for them and traced a design I made on my computer.


I embroidered it and sewed it on the blanket.  I have to say I quite like them. (and yes, I can’t draw a straight line either.  It’s a curse.)



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    I admit I had secretly hoped that you would hand make something for my little boy…this blanket was beyond my expectations! I don’t think you should be so hard on yourself, it looks fantastic. The fabric really is soooo soft. I also feel like a celebrity because of the cute “squeezy” label. Someone famous made my blanket! :) Thanks again!

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    Christie! So this is awkward because I’ve never actually posted a comment on your blog even though I’m a huge fan. I get so nervous when I comment. :) It’s silly. Anyway, I really just wanted to say that I think these blankets look so extra cute. Love the labels! Your talent and creativity never cease to amaze me!

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    These are adorable! Personally I like crooked “straight” stitching. I like to do that on my mug rugs. And I LOVE your tags! Those are so great!

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    Cute! I do love the crooked stitches, they add character to the blanket, and they do look like they were done on purpose. They tag is great too! well done!

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    I love them! The blankets, the crooked stitching (b/c I know that’s how mine would be and I’m glad I’m not the only one) and the labels!

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    Ooh, I love that fabric! I almost bought some at JoAnn a couple weeks ago but was scared about how to finish the edges so I didn’t get any – I love the bias tape idea though! I wonder if you could even just leave the edge serged too. My MIL gave Wyatt a blanket out of cuddle fabric a few years ago and it’s still his very favorite! I’m sure your niece and nephew will love them too :).

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    I was going to say that I like the scrappy look the lines give too!

    And those patches rock my world! They are so cute and make the blankets look so professional.

    You are one sweet gift giver. What a cute cute fabric.

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    I love the tags. Love love love. And I think the uneven stitching looks on purpose, too. Great job!