Removable Lace Ruffles: Shoe Refashion Tutorial

DSC_1373---Copy-one_thumb5This is nothing brilliant but it’s very easy to do and I love the outcome.

Now let me just put it out there right away that you in no way need to make these lace ruffles removable with the velcro. You could just glue that lace right to your shoe and you’d be good to go! The lace adds such a feminine, flirty, and vintage look to the shoes! The reason I made mine removable is because I can add some velcro to other ruffles or lace and swap them for the lace to change the look of the shoes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-A pair of shoes (if making them removable with the velcro, they should be a half size bigger than you normally wear, simply because the velcro will add a bit around the shoe and make them snugger than they were. If not using the velcro to make the lace removable, your normal size is great!)


-E-6000 glue


-pre-gathered lace

Measure your shoes from the two points you want the lace to start and end.


Mine was 10” so I cut a 10” piece of velcro, then from that I cut about 1/3 of it off (I believe it’s 1” wide Velcro I used).


Using that thin 1/3 of velcro, glue the back of the soft side with the E-6000 glue.


Glue the velcro around the inside portion of the shoe where you want the lace, near the top, but not letting the velcro end up above the top of the shoe. Secure your velcro with clothespins so that it sticks and doesn’t come up.


You might want to check occasionally to make sure the gaps in between the clothespins. Repeat with other shoe.


While the glue dries (you’ll want to give it quite a while, at least an hour I’d say) take the lace and cut the same length you measured (mine was 10”) and take scratchy side of the velcro you cut thin. Zig zag stitch the velcro to the lace, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.


Once the glue has dried, attach the lace to the shoe with the velcro! As I said, your shoes will be a little more snug, so choosing a shoe that is a little larger than you normally wear is a good idea if making the removable lace ruffles. If you want to take the lace off with the option of adding it later, because you use the soft portion of the velcro, you shouldn’t notice that it’s even added to your shoe. I didn’t notice a big difference and it was still totally comfortable!


The possibilities are so fun! And if you like the look enough, just glue that lace right to your shoe to stay! You could probably peel it off if you get tired of the look!


An easy project with fun results!


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    This is a wonderful project… to be able to frill up a great part of shoes when you feel in the mood is great! Thanks for sharing.

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    If this isn’t the cutest thing I’ve seen all day, and I sent the whole day shopping! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Super Cute!! Another idea just to jazz the shoes up even more (I have come across this a couple of times) is painting the bottom of your shoes with fun bright colors! People are painting their shoe bottoms with nail polish :) A pale purple, grass green, or an orange! Just another layer of cuteness.