Star Wars Birthday Party: Part One


My middle son turned 7 last week!   He is seriously such a sweet kid and brings us so much happiness to our home!

He’s majorly obsessed with Star Wars these days so that was the theme he chose.  At first I wasn’t very excited, but man alive, there are a million ideas online for a Star Wars themed party!  We had SO MUCH FUN!

So many sources had the same ideas, so I just want to put that out there that I didn’t come up with these ideas…they were all found online on multiple sites, but there were too many to list!  I did list the sources for things that were specific to one website, however.


The invitations were light sabers from an idea I found HERE.  D was so excited to hand them out to his friends! (I know, oops on the larger silver band on the blue—I made that one first and decided it didn’t leave enough blue on it so made the others smaller).


We had our wording to say this:

Seven years ago in a galaxy far far away,

a young padawan was born.

The council named him _________.

He became a great Jedi! But in order to defeat the

Sith lord he needs all other padawans to

come for their Jedi training. Please hasten to

The Jedi Temple at (address).

May the force be with you!




The kids were greeted at the door by this sign, made with star punches taped to black wrapping paper. I used my silhouette machine to cut out the letters.

I bought some Star Wars crepe paper from Zurchers and hung it around the table and of course around the room.


The table was covered with a black tablecloth and silver star confetti.  The Yoda plates were purchased at Zurchers also.  D’s favorite color is red so we had to get red cups and napkins!


I also chose a well-lit area in my house to put up more black wrapping paper for a sort of backdrop.  I wish I had found a black sheet or something that wasn’t reflective and wouldn’t have had seams, but it was too late at that point.  The kids still thought it was awesome.



We just kept it simple and ate cupcakes and drank Yoda Soda (green sherbet and 7-Up drink poured on top).

My hubby made fun of the scalloped Darth Vaders, but I didn’t have a hole punch large enough to cut the circles and I was short on time!  I must say I agree though.  Darth Vader is supposed to look cool and definitely NOT have a scalloped flowery edge!  I found the Vader HERE.  So yah, just ignore the froofy Vader.


And the perfect-for-light-saber candles were at Walmart.  I was so excited when I saw them!

I forgot to take a picture of the Yoda Soda, but here is a picture I found online for some (source—and many great Star War Party ideas there!).

img 0270 Modern Parties ~ Star Wars

Party Favors

Zurchers was awesome for the party bags…they had a pack for 8 kids which was how many kids we’d have there, for $8.00.  Perfect!  I also found the play packs in the dollar section of Target a couple months ago, and was pretty happy they fit into the Zurchers bags perfectly. The Zurchers pack came with a Yoda bag, a maze activity sheet, a Yoda sticker, a kaleidoscope, a slinky, and a “whistle” that actually didn’t whistle but sounds just like Darth Vader if you blow in and out the right way.


Each kid also received a foam light saber made from a pool noodle.  Since it’s March in Utah and there is snow, no where in my county had swim noodles.  So I found a place in Salt Lake that did for $2.00 each (Leslie’s Pool Supply for anyone interested), and each noodle makes two light sabers.  I read that someone used the shiny duct tape so I looked at Home Depot and it was $8.00 for a large roll (the cheapest).  But Joann had some for $4.00 and I had a 40% off coupon, so it was much cheaper there. I also used black electrical tape I had on hand.


Lastly, as the kids arrived at the party they each received their own brown Jedi Robe.


I found the cheapest brown fabric in the lining section of Joann and used a coupon, so they ended up about $3.60 a robe (I guessed a yard and a half for each kid, and made them using our Harry Potter robes as the template.  I’d say go ahead and get one extra yard just to be safe.  B’s robe almost didn’t make it and it was smaller than the others).  I made 8 robes the day (mostly night) before and to be honest, about half way through I was thinking, “What was I thinking!” But I just kept plugging away.


Seeing them all run around in their robes was so cute and so I decided it was totally worth it.  Their little eyes sure lit up when they were handed one to keep!


D’s outfit underneath are all things we had.  The thrifted for $3.00 karate shirt underneath just had a patch on the front that I removed and he was good to go!


And what would a Star Wars Party be without Princess Leia?


Tomorrow I’ll be back with the games we played!


  1. says

    You are such an AWESOME mom! I am so impressed that you made all those robes.

    And the backdrop…everything is so perfect! Your kids are so lucky to have you. Even if their Darth Vader got girlified. :) ha ha I would have never noticed if you didn’t say anything.

  2. says

    Great job mama! We had fun at our Star Wars party this year, and I felt pretty crazy sewing all those Jedi robes too!!

  3. says

    What a fantastic party! Everything looks so perfect and so fun!! That is so amazing that you make each of the kids their own robes and light sabers!

  4. says

    You are mom of the year! My two boys are going to jump up and down when I show them these pictures!

    Thanks very much for sharing!