Bike Basket: Tutorial

This was post I wrote for Kate’s Ruffle Series a few weeks ago.
I know I’ve done a couple variations of bike baskets (check the tutorial archives), but I’m kind of in love with bike baskets.  I love how they are so convenient and practical, but can be totally cute at the same time.  But having recently stopped by Walmart and seeing the price tags of bike baskets, you could easily make your own for much cheaper!  This time I wanted to keep it really simple—a project that can easily be done in an hour or less.  And since ruffles are such a beautiful compliment to so many items, I thought a ruffle would be perfect to liven up this bike basket.DSC_1417 title

First you’ll want to choose the right basket.  One that has a somewhat flat side to lay against the bike’s front, one that is wide enough and deep enough.  I found this basket at the thrift store for $1.50.

What you’ll need:

-fabric (I used 1/4 a yard, but how much fabric you need depends on how far around your basket is)
-about one package extra wide double folded bias tape
-glue gun

First measure around the top of the basket where your ruffle will be added.


Take that number and add half of it to itself, so mine was about 40”, I added half of that, so 20” and came up with 60”.  So I cut a strip 4” x 60”.  If you want a wider or thinner ruffle, adjust the 4” number I gave you.  You’ll have to cut two strips of fabric most likely and sew them together.


Fold the strip of fabric in half length-wise, wrong sides together.  Sew two basting stitches close to the edge, making sure to stay close enough to the edge that the bias tape will cover your stitching.


Pull the two basting threads to gather the strip, measuring it against your basket to make sure you gather it enough or not too much.


Next sandwich the raw, gathered edge between the bias tape and sew (narrow edge of bias tape on the top).  I decided I’d use cream instead of the navy blue in the first pictures ;).


Heat your glue gun and starting in the middle back, start gluing on the bias tape and sticking it onto the basket.  Keep in mind that you’ll be using ties and will need a small gap in two places to stick the ties through.


When you get to the end, cut off any excess if there is any, fold the raw edge under, and glue the rest of the way.


I just used some leftover bias tape for the ties.


Tie it onto your bike, and you are done!


A cute, quick, and inexpensive bike basket!  I’ve always wanted to ride my bike to a field and gather some wild flowers to put in my bike basket, with some fresh bread or something.  Happy ruffling!


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    A lady after my own heart! I dream of humming along as a cycle my bike to market for bread and flowers…sadly I don’t own a bike but I might just have to get one so I can use this tutorial!