Five on Friday

for five on friday

1.  Last night was so fun!  My mother in law took all her daughters-in-law and some of the granddaughters to see Celtic Woman, plus we ate at Buca di Beppo (yum!). The concert was SO GOOD!  They sound like angels and I’m reminded of how unfair it is to be beautiful and be able to sing, ha ha!  No, but really, it was a wonderful evening.  I’m a fan.

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2.  I had a major spring top fail this week, using this beautiful fabric.  Ugh!  I was using a dress pattern and planned on shortening it to make a shirt, adding sleeves using another pattern.  I cut into this fabric, and worked on the shirt for 4 hours, only to find that even had it worked out as planned, the bodice was way too small.  I almost cried, but then reminded myself that I have enough fabric to salvage to make something for Poppy still, and got over it.  Almost.



3.  I took my three kiddos to the Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple in Salt Lake last weekend.  It was fun.  It was messy.  But Poppy hated strangers coming up to throw chalk in her face.  I couldn’t blame her, so I held her the whole time to ‘protect her’, and thus ended up not near as dirty as my boys!  But what is so cool is that everyone is there, throwing chalk at each other, and smiling.  Kids that otherwise looked like they might beat my kids up if they threw anything in their face anywhere else, just laughed and threw it back at them.  It was a good time.  My boys LOVED it!


Well, for most of us anyway…



4.  We are having some friends over on Sunday for some English dining.  My husband served an LDS mission to England and wants to make Cornish pasties since our friends have British ties as well.  Yum!  But the only problem is, we haven’t made them in years and I’m hoping to have a great recipe for them.  Anyone know of one?

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5. It was so fun to read your own tips on saving money on Wednesday’s post. Thank you! And thanks for the tips on my stroller! Guess I should have done my research a little better because I’m finding whole forums based on tightening that bolt on the stroller to fix it! Such an easy fix—I still need to do it but I hope it works!



Happy weekend, everyone!


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    ive never been to Buca di Beppo but it sounds so yummy. ive been seeing ads about them! sheeshhh… i think i’m missing out.

    have a great weekend!

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    We were in Utah when that festival was going on , craziness! We have a place in Payson and had to drive through salem to get to the something (thankfully it was early) we got to Provo and they were everywhere! At in-n-out, the mall…And then on our drive home on the freeway, it was jam packed with college kids dressed in all white. I had no idea it was such a big deal!
    Noe that is all I hear about, my kids desperately want to go. My three year old asks on a daily basis if we are going to go to the “bestibal ub tolas”
    I guess we’re going to have to go :)
    And the fabric, oh my. Love it. Maybe a purse now?

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    The color looks like so much fun! My 7-year-old and I did the Color Run in Atlanta a few weeks ago and it was very similar except that we had to run 3 miles. Yours sounds like way more fun! A festival instead of running? Yes, please!!!

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    First time visit your blog and fall in love straight away! Love all your projects and you little girl is absolutely precious!