New Pillows in our Lackluster Front Room

Our front room, though nice, is lacking desperately in color.  Since we are building a house this summer (I know I’ve said this forever, but it looks like it is really going to happen), I don’t want to put a lot of time or money into this room.  But it’s just so boring and brown!


I’ve never liked the pillows that came with the couches.   The fabric has a hamburger patty pattern.  Or lips.  Take your pick.


Plus, they’ve frayed in such a way to resemble a cat clawing them on the edges.


We don’t have a cat.

So, I’ve started to try and bring some color into the room.  And looking at these pictures, I’m not sure I love it because the fabric is cool tones, which would work with the black portion on the couches, but not so much the brown.  Hmm…the dilemma of having black and brown couches.


They are great spring pillows, however.  And they bring some nice, bright, happy color that is needed.


I found the green vase at the thrift store a couple years ago that I thought would help tie the pillows in more.


For the pillows, I used THIS tutorial from Sew Katie Did, putting in my first invisible zippers.  One of them went great.  The other three are questionable, but not very noticeable, so I guess that’s something!


I also put up a print of THIS quote.  I’m thinking the lamp shades and glass on the other lamp need to be different.  Any thoughts?


I’d love to have a great, colorful quilt in here as well. I am not going to paint it, though that would help brighten it up.

So, let’s hear your thoughts on livening up this room!  Maybe painting the little table or doing something about the lamps?

Pillow fabric is Nicey Jane Picnic Bouquet by Heather Bailey.


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    I’m with ya- I’m tired of our boring rooms too! As for the cool/warm issue, as long as you have a good balance they can live happily together.

    Are YOU going to make the quilt for that room? Goooooo Christie!!

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    love the pillows. i would totally redo the lamps shades and paint the lamps white. maybe paint the picture frame white as well and add a few more in the mix. i think the extra white will really brighten it up. its a lot of work i know.

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    Perhaps you need a bigger picture above the couch. Or you could get some cheap frames and put some colorful photos or pictures in there, or frame up some nice fabric, or magazine page.

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    LOVE the pillows…. but I have agree, they don’t seem to ” go “. What about red, or orange? We have almost identical couches / colours and put a HUGE red rug, red vases, etc. Brightened up the whole room and made it gorgouesly warm and inviting.

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    I actually love the colors of the pillows. Maybe if you brought some more white into the room it would pull it all together. We have similar couches and I do a lot of green, white, and black in my living room. :) Good luck, can’t wait to see what else you add.

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    I know black and brown are in, but what if you covered the table the lamp is on with a white cloth, and changed the temple frame to white. The other little white frame works. I change my decorations with the season and I find as long as it is unified enough it look great. I think you CAN work these pillows with this room and the white blanket works too. I think the pillows are great! Good job!

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    lovely pillows! maybe the room could use some brightening up with a new bright white, drum shade for the lamp on the right in the photos plus adding some black frames with large white mattes. the black frames will match the black through out the room & the white matting will brighten things up. you could hang colorful art or photos inside. While you’re at it go ahead and add a couple more bright pillows per couch!!
    : )

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    Ha, I have the exact same old pillows, but mine are red and tan. They came with the couch, too!

    I really adore the new pillows, but I agree that they’d go better if there was more white in the room. Love the change up!

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    The pillows turned out really cute! If I were you, I would change out the lamps and the picture behind the couch. What if you slip covered the couches?

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    Love the pillows! I agree with the others – add more white to the room. Also the placement of the picture is killing me.n Lol! Center it over the sofa and lower it so it is about 6 inches above the sofa. It should be close to eye level when you are sitting. That makes a room more inviting – like it’s saying “come on in and sit down”

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    I really like the pillows. They add a pop of color to the room, and that Heather Bailey fabric is one of my favorites. Your quilt idea is right on target for adding a bit more color and texture to the room. In the mean time, perhaps adding a table runner/mat or hanging fabric mounting in frames may do the trick. I agree, the frame behind the couch should come down a bit, it feels like it is lost on the wall. Drum shades are a great idea. You have the bones to a beautiful room.

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    Adorable fabric on those pillows! Let’s see, you could get a new lampshade, a large mirror- paint the frame white or a fun color, paint the frame on your lovely temple picture, although I like it the way it is. I think your easiest way of changing your room would be to paint it, but if you really don’t want to do that, get a nice bright throw, put a little table topper (Dana-from-Made-style) on your table if you don’t want to paint it.