Whimsy Couture Pattern Review and Giveaway

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I was asked if I wanted to review a pattern of my choice from Whimsy Couture.  I’ve been wanting to make Poppy a jacket, so I thought the Hooded Jacket pattern for Boys or Girls (Reversible) was a great option.


You are sent the pattern via email, which is very convenient.  The pattern and instructions were clear.  I love that it is reversible, though I didn’t have enough buttons the same size to make it so just yet.  I used a thick knit and a thinner knit for my jacket and it worked out just fine.  I believe the pattern recommends cotton for one side, and fleece for the other, but the knit worked great.  I think it helps that the turquoise knit was so thick.


The jacket came together quickly after cutting the fabric out.  The only items I would change is to maybe taper the jacket out a bit so it isn’t so snug around the bottom (it has to fit around those cute toddler bellies!), and I’d make the hood smaller.  I’d also do a better job at placing my buttons, but that was entirely up to me and not by fault of the pattern!


I love how you can see the inside fabric on the hood, and by folding the cuffs.


And of course we have to see if it pleases the most important critic…


Yep, she loves it.  It’s been a while since I’ve sewn anything for my kids other than smaller things, so it was fun to make time for that again!



Whimsy Couture has SO MANY cute patterns!  Some that stick out to me are:

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The Over Top/Dress (the apron part, not the entire thing)

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or the Criss Cross Tunic

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Lots and lots of great patterns.


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Giveaway runs through Friday, May 11th, at 5:00 pm MST.  Good luck!

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