Jump! {Hubby’s New Music Video}

My husband Dillon’s band, Kindle Creek, has a new music video that I thought I would share, because it’s awesome!  Dillon wrote the song about direct quotes his dad used to say to them growing up.  It’s pretty funny.    (at 1:29 and you’ll see my kiddos jumping :)


They have had some really fun concerts this summer!  Saturday night they played at Midvale Days and broke out The Devil Went Down to Georgia for the first time.  They did excellent!  Here is a little clip from that (unfortunately I forgot to make space on my card for the song, so I wasn’t able to record the whole song!).  That cute old man in the front was awesome :)

It’s funny how I have always thought they were really good, but as time goes on they just keep on getting better!


{David, Joseph, Bryce, Dillon, and Mical)


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    Yes, they do have a cd! You can purchase at the link to Kindle Creek, or you can download their songs on i-tunes, amazon, or cdbaby.

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    Amazing!! Hey I work for Weber County and this band would be awesome for our fair. I am going to check out the web page for contact info. but if you know a better way of getting in touch please let me know!

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    Love the songs, especially “Jump”! Great lyrics, fuu-nny video, and so nice to get the family in on the action. The fiddle and guitar action on TDWDTG is amazing and gives me goose bumps. Keep posting them!

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    We lived in Midvale before we moved to Washington, that would have been so fun to see Dillon’s band! I’m sure a bunch of my friends were there – I’ll have to ask them! So cool.

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    Love it!! I think whenever I need a pick me up I’ll have to look up this post just to see that old Grampa cut a rug!! :) Great fiddling skills on the Devil went to Georgia, how fun