Purse Week 2012

purse week 2012

It’s that time of year again!  If you haven’t been following for long, check out Purse Week 2010 and Purse Week 2011.  It’s always a lot of fun and we have a lot of people participate in the contest in addition to some great new purse tutorials.  Not to mention the fabulous prizes!!!

Prizes, Judges, and Guest Bloggers are in the works and will be announced soon! **If anyone is willing to donate patterns, fabric gift cards, or anything else you think someone would like to win, please contact me.  I’d love for the prizes to go to international winners as well, if applicable.**   Update:  You can find all the prizes, guest bloggers, and judges announced HERE.

The Contest:

Make a purse, bag, or clutch. It can be any size. No wallets or backpacks please. We don’t want to make it too general. There will be an awesome panel of judges that will narrow it down to the top 10, then the voting will be finalized by you, the readers.


How to Enter and Rules:

1) Please add only 2 or 3 photos of your purse to the Purse Week Flickr 2012 Group. Do not watermark your photos. Anything you made after June1st, 2012 can be entered. The date your picture was taken on does show up on Flickr!!! If the date is before June 1st, 2012, your entry will not be accepted, no exceptions. And this year (like last) I won’t be emailing anyone to let them know. I’m sorry, I know that sounds harsh, but I have lots to do with this household I’m raising here. If the date on your camera is set wrong, just fix it and retake the pictures. If you already gifted the bag and the date shows wrong, I’m sorry. See if you can borrow the bag or try and make another one.

2) You can link to your blog if you would like when uploading your pictures. If you don’t have a blog, that is totally fine, *but please note some way to contact you!

3) All entries are due by Friday, October 12th, at 11:59, MST. I will close the Flickr pool at that time so no further entries are accepted.

4) Up to two entries per person.

5) If you used a pattern or tutorial online, please make sure to list that and give credit where it is due. Tell us about your purse, your inspiration or anything else interesting about it. Obviously if it is your own creation, you might score more points that way, but purses made or modified from tutorials or patterns will certainly be accepted and can still make the top 10.

6) Knitted and crocheted purses are really great, but will not be accepted. I think the judging will be too confusing at that point. Sewn purses only, please! Knitting or crocheting can be used to embellish a purse, however, but on no more than 50% of the purse.

7) For the top 10: I really don’t want this to be about who has the most friends or followers:). I’d prefer if you didn’t say, “Go vote for me!” I’d love for you to spread the word, but really, let people vote for what they like the best.

8) International entries are accepted (I will try my best to get sponsors that will ship internationally, but if they will not, you will forfeit the prize in that category if you are outside the continental US).

9) Photography and lighting is key!!! Your chances of winning increase GREATLY with quality pictures. You can read more tips HERE.

10) Entries will start being accepted…now ;)

I’d love if you helped me to spread the word! If you want, just save the picture and add it to your sidebar, linking them to this post.

Thank you!


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    I found your blog last year as I started my own and said when you had the next purse week I’d join, so I’m excited to get started!! Thanks for doing this :)


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    I am working on my second entry, and I just want to make sure. I know it seems like a silly question, but I’d hate to get my bag all finished only to find out I’d missed the deadline. Is it 11:59 AM or PM?