2 colorblock shirts using 2 plain shirts: Tutorial

In case you missed this a few weeks ago, here is a tutorial I did for Leafy Treetop.  Enjoy!
DSC_0960 second
This is a really simple and fun project that can be done pretty quickly.  The best part about it is that you use two existing shirts and turn them into two colorblock shirts.  No waste!  All you need is two shirts that are the same brand and size, wonder tape, and basic sewing supplies.  DSC_0922
First, I measured about 2” up from the underarm seam and marked a line.
Then, I lined up the under seam of the sleeve, starting at 1” by the cuff, and then matching it up to the line already drawn on the bodice of the shirt.
Do the same on the other arm.
Now carefully cut that line (I used a rotary cutter), being careful not to stretch the fabric.  That way you’ll be able to match it up easier.
Now do the same thin on the other shirt.
Trade the bottom half out and match up the shirts.  *Now, please take note that I’m well aware that my sleeve seams where it meets the bodice do not match up perfectly!!! I thought I was doing a great job, but once it was sewn together, they were not matched perfect.  But guess what?  You don’t really notice until you point it out to someone, so just don’t point it out.  Honestly, when I sewed the second shirt together and tried even harder to match up the seams, the sleeves were a bit trickier to match up at the cuff, so I say, just do the best you can to match it up and it will still be cute.*
I stuck wonder tape to the right side of the bottom portion.
Pull off the paper on top so the top is sticky now as well.DSC_0936
And start matching up the right side of the other shirt (make sure it’s the front of the top shirt with the front of the bottom portion).
Match up the cuffs as well as they can get.
Now it will look like the picture below.
Again, start putting wonder tape onto the right side of the shirt again, and press the right sides together of the shirts. DSC_0943DSC_0944
Now sew the seams, making sure not to catch any parts of the shirt you aren’t supposed to ;).  I used about a 1/4” seam.
So now the inside will look like this.  Iron the seam down.
Repeat steps to make the other shirt.
And you are done!DSC_0953
See how this seam I didn’t get quite matched up:
But here I did!
And let’s see how Poppy likes it.  She broke out her best modeling skills for the shoot.


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