California Trip

Before the post, I wanted to let you know about a wonderful couple who is hoping to adopt.  Mandie and Adam have recently started up a blog to aid them in their desire to adopt. 

Mandie and Adam

My favorite post of hers so far is THIS one.  You can really tell how great she is just from that one post!  Love it.


A couple weeks ago we surprised the kids with a trip to Disneyland.  I had been wanting to go for years, and we were finally able to go.

Before we left, my sister-in-law was telling me I could make autograph books to save a little money, if the kids were interested.  I didn’t know if they would be or not, but I’m so glad I listened to her, because they loved it.  What was so funny was that after getting a few signatures, Mr. Zippy asked me, “So this is why we came to Disneyland?  To get everyone’s autographs?”



They were just made with one of those 4.5” x 6.5” stacks of paper (one for all three) from Joann, along with some Disney paper and metal round clasps.

We hopped in the car and didn’t tell the kids where we were going until we were 2 hours away. They did incredibly well on the drive there and back!  Hearing their guesses on where we were going was hilarious!  They guessed camping, St. George, New York, Hawaii…it was awesome.  I made a little puzzle beforehand so when we stopped for a meal they could put it together and find out where we were going.



So here are just a few pictures from our days in the park.  We spent three days between the two parks and one day in between there at the beach.


We ate one meal at Goofy’s Kitchen.  It’s a bit pricey, but the kids absolutely loved the extra time they got to spend with the characters!


This is one of the only pictures I have of the Minnie Mouse dress I made Poppy before we went.  She said it was as comfy as pj’s, so that’s good.


The boys each got chosen to be in the Star Wars show and both fought Darth Maul.



And out of all the princess merchandise she could have chosen, Poppy chose out Chewbacca for her Disney souvenir.


I’m just adding this picture because it shows the Mickey shirts I made for them all.  They were much cooler in my mind.  I actually put the shape of Mickey on the shirt and sprayed with fabric dye.  Unfortunately, it nearly all washed out, so then I basically had to just trace the shape of Mickey’s head.  Can you even tell there is a slight teal color around the Mickey head?  I was disappointed with them, but of course kids could care less.


Few pics from the beach.  It was too cold for my liking to get wet, but the kids played in the water for hours.


And that’s our trip!  We had a ton of fun and I’m so glad we finally were able to go.


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    Looks like so much fun! I would love to take my kids some day. Love the little puzzle you put together for them.

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    Looks like you had a great trip. I love that your daughter chose Chewbacca as her souvenir! Great photos!

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    I canNOT believe you didn’t tell them til you were 2 hours away!! That is amazingly cool! I don’t think I could’ve handled that. Haha. Love the souvenir Bailey chose! Too cute!
    And thanks for the link to Mandie’s blog. So sweet of you! :)