Christmas Quilt Started

I’ve had this fabric for a couple years now (bought it when I was with Sabra), and am hoping to make a quilt like THIS one.  I know it won’t really showcase the fabric very well, especially since the the squares started out 5”, but I really love the simplicity of it!

(please excuse the crumby phone pics)


Nowadays, the only time I sew is when I make a plan to sew with other people.  So the cutting all happened with Sabra, and the sewing of the triangles together happened with my mom and sisters while having some crafting time together.  Simply because sewing makes me sick if I’m not already feeling that way—my machine bounces a lot.  Here’s hoping people will agree to sew with me enough times so I get it finished.  Apart from this quilt, I have sewn nothing in the last 2.5 months.  Sad, right?  But of course, the reason is very happy. 


What are you all working on for the holidays? 


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    Me, either. But I know what the fabric looks like :) Ha ha! We need to get together to sew soon. I probably won’t get to my quilt for another decade or so, but I have plenty other things to be working on!

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    Sorry about the pictures, and even more sorry that they are such a dissapointment anyways, haha! I feel silly posting them now because they really are so awful. Sorry to disappoint! Hopefully by the time it’s done I will get better pictures taken.