Maternity Shirt: Megan Nielson Pattern take 2

I made a couple changes to the Megan Nielson Ruched Maternity Shirt Pattern I posted last week HERE.  And I’m pretty happy with how this shirt ended up.  Even with the mis-matched chevron pattern on the side seams :).


I don’t know if it was just me, but the sleeves needed a bit of tweaking anyways.   The sleeve is too large for the sleeve opening on the bodice piece. But it isn’t a big deal…just sew the seam larger until it fits.  I made sure to use tracing paper and keep that pattern piece so that I won’t have to refigure it out each time.  Other changes I made were with the neckline—I just made it higher so I didn’t have to wear a cami underneath.  I lengthened the back piece and didn’t have the front piece swoop down. I think that is cute, but those pregnancy pant panels can be hard to cover up and again, I didn’t want to have to wear anything underneath the shirt—especially when I get bigger and it gets warmer here.  No need for extra layers!  I also skipped the ruching altogether.  I was going to add elastic to the sides, but really liked the length and fit as it was.


The fabric is THIS  knit from Girl Charlee.  I love it!  Even if I look a little like Charlie Brown in it.


I don’t know why I made another small size.  Because I’m a bit worried it won’t fit once I’m further along.  It should stretch of course, but it will be quite tight.  If there is a ‘next time’ sewing this shirt, I’ll make a medium.  This is me with my 25 + 2 days belly today.


Oh, and one thing I think is a must for hemming knits is this great stuff:


I use it on the neckline and for the hemming on the sleeves and bottom.  No ripple effect at all.  And I use a double needle on the neckline and hems as well.

I hope your week is going great!  I just have to say thank you for still reading my blog. I know it isn’t what it used to be, but it’s what works for me and my family right now.  I’ve always appreciated your sweet comments and even taking the time to stop by!  So thank you.


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    I’m happy to have you drop in whenever you can. I will say that there better be some pictures of this baby when she arrives, though!! =)

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    These two shirts are so cute!
    And dont worry, you will wear them after the new one comes. Whether as a shirt or as comfy pj’s, they will be awesome!

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    Love it! I just bought some of the chevron from Girl Charlee but in purple (I think it’s actually eggplant). It’s good to know that it still looks good without the side seams matching, because I’m not sure I will be able to get them to match.

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    Looks great! I can’t believe you are 25 weeks. You must have some killer abs, mine give up after about 4 weeks.

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    Cute shirts! I’ve heard of people using wonder tape for knits but I don’t know it works. Would you consider doing a quick tutorial? I’m hoping to sew up some knit skirts and dresses for summer and would love to incorporate this trick. Congrats on the baby bump!

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    You make me feel HUGE! It always amazes me how people carry so different when pregnant. I start showing right away and while people say I look little for 20w4d, I look huge next to you. :) Congrats on the pregnancy, and thanks for sharing your maternity tops. I have gotten so sick of my maternity clothes now that I am on baby #3, so it’s fun to get some new ideas to freshen up my wardrobe.

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    Great job!! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I just had my 5th baby in January and am sjut reentering blogging after a break. Thought I would stop by and see what awesomeness you were up to. Happy Pregnancy! Drink tons of red raspberry leaf tea and look into “gentle birth” an herbal birth prep formula that made a HUGE differnce for my labor (only 2 hours this time, and the shortest before was 9!!) Blessings!Kristy from