Megan Nielson Ruched Maternity Shirt

After looking at my maternity shirts from my past three pregnancies, most of them are pretty out-of-date.  I have a couple shirts I will be using, but with Poppy I pretty much just wore longer t-shirts the whole summer.  The shirts I wore with the boys are horrible tents that make you look 10 times bigger than you really are.  Sometimes it’s nice to be comfy and hide under those, but I never feel very cute while wearing them.

I searched out my options in stores for maternity wear, and remembered how maternity clothing can be so overpriced!  I really don’t want to pay $15.00+ for a shirt when I know I can make a shirt with knit bought for half that price or less.

So I invested in Megan Nielson’s Ruched Maternity T-shirt pattern.  It is more than I spend on patterns, but I felt it is worth it if I use it more than once even.  Just fyi, I think you save $1.00 if you buy it through her Etsy shop.  I’m totally eyeing a couple more of her patterns for after this little girl gets here!  They are all so cute!  Plus I can sew one for any pregnant friends or sister-in-laws who want a cute and unique maternity shirt.  It’s such a bonus being able to pick out fabric that you love!
I chose to make short sleeves because it will eventually get warmer here, and I can just wear this with a cardigan until then.

I bought the knit from THIS etsy shop (shipped from South Korea), and got a great deal. It was on sale, so I ended up paying less than $10.00 for about a yard and a half, shipped.  I have enough leftover for another project.   See how cheesy happy that makes me?

And the shirt seems to have plenty of room for this 24 week prego belly to grow into.  I already have more knit for round 2.  I have a couple changes I will make–one is making the back panel longer–it is too short to cover the pregnant pants panel.  :)

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    You look adorable (and the shirt is really cute, too). You are still tiny! Wow! I may have to check that pattern out. (FYI – If you do need a quick maternity shirt H&M has some ruched ones that are $9. I just got a striped on there the other day.)


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    Wow, 24 weeks already? You are so cute pregnant, and your belly is so tiny! I think I looked like that at 12 weeks, hehe. That knit is really cute too!

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    Cute! I love the fabric you used. I’m only 16 weeks along and my belly is bigger than yours… you have such a cute little belly. =)

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    You look so adorable! The shirt is fabulous–I wish I had it when I was pregnant. It looks comfy too which is most important :-)

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