Second Attempt at Front Room {new pillows}

I really tried to appreciate the added color in the room when I made THESE pillows.  But it just never looked right.  So I moved those pillows into the family room where they match much better, and tried to add more white to brighten things up.  The thing is, this room just doesn’t “feel” like me.  It’s far too dark for my liking and well, as mentioned in that post we obviously haven’t moved yet so I wanted a cheap way to help the room out a bit ;).So this is my second attempt to make the room brighter with warm colors, though I much prefer the grays and fun cooler tones that are everywhere these days.  But without painting and getting new couches, this is where we’re at. (um, the picture is not crooked, my camera was when taking the picture and I guess I’m too lazy to fix it now).

So, new pillows, a white polka dot tablecloth over the side table, moved the temple picture, and replaced the glass shade on the tall lamp and the shade on the other lamp.
The “tablecloth” is really just a yard of knit fabric–possibly to be made into a shirt in the future :).

The old shade on the shorter lamp was brown, so I replaced it with a fun textured lampshade from Target.

I used the same tutorial for the invisible zippers on the pillows–but this time I ironed my zippers despite the tutorial saying you didn’t need to with an invisible zipper foot.  I found it looked MUCH better after ironing the zippers first!

Someone mentioned the picture placement on the previous pillow post…you were right!  It looked ridiculous.  Too bad the thermostat is on the most obvious wall in the room.  Those things should be hidden better!  But I researched hanging pictures and lowered it on the wall and centered it on the couch.  You can also see the white glass shade replacing the brown glass on the lamp–I found three at the thrift store for $1.50.   Perfect!

The fabric was from a fun store called Home Fabrics (in Utah).  They are so affordable for really great quality home decor fabrics.

Despite it still not being my style, it does look better than before.   There are still things I can do to the room, but sewing always trumps home decorating for me.  I sometimes wish I felt differently, but free time is sparse and until we are in our next home, I don’t want to invest a lot of money or time into something that won’t be ours for much longer!


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    I think you’ve done a lovely job of cheering things up… and believe me, if you saw my house you would fall in love with yours. =)