Diaper Clutch: Tutorial

Diaper Clutch Pattern + Tutorial {a lemon squeezy home}

I know there are tutorials for diaper clutches that have been around everywhere for a few years.  I’ve been making mine for three years now, and it’s always a great go-to baby shower gift.  Out of everything my friends or family order for me to make, this would be the top one.  So I just thought I’d share how I make mine, complete with a pattern download.
Diaper Clutch Pattern + Tutorial {a lemon squeezy home}

I used to make a wipes case to match, with coordinating fabric.  Really cute, but I got tired of making them because I always burned my fingers with the glue gun!Diaper Clutch Pattern + Tutorial {a lemon squeezy home}

First, print out the five pattern pieces HERE.  Tape together where indicated.   DSCF4474DSCF4475

So cut out the paper patterns and then use each pattern to cut one lining and one outer fabric.  See picture below.  Also, you need a 3” strip of velcro or a button for the closure.  DSCF4373
I use velcro because if the clutch is stuffed fuller you don’t have to try and stretch the flap closed to button it and risking ripping something.  Pictured above please note that the orange is my back flap outer fabric, the cars is my front of clutch outer fabric, and the brown with signs fabric is the lining.  Also, you may use the button to just sew on the top and look like it’s a button closure or just to add interest onto the flap.

Take the flap lining fabric and the outer fabric of the clutch front and decide where you want to sew on the velcro (test it by closing the flap and seeing where you need it to be). DSCF4374

Then sew the velcro down as pictured below:  DSCF4375

Place the lining and outer for the front of the clutch right sides together and sew 1/4” seam along the top only. DSCF4377DSCF4378

Flip over, iron, and topstitch just along the top. DSCF4379

Then layer your fabric.  Place the flap outer fabric right side with the front of clutch outer fabric, then place the lining pieces right sides together behind that.  Since you sewed the front clutch pieces together in the previous step, this should be easy to layer them all together.  See picture—the orange is my back flap outer fabric, the cars is my front of clutch outer fabric, and the brown with signs fabric is the lining.

Pin and sew around the flap sides, sides, and bottom of clutch, leaving the top of flap open (where the yellow line is).  Use a 1/4” seam, making sure to catch all the layers.  DSCF4384

Turn right side out, making sure that the velcro ends up where it needs to be (sometimes you might accidentally pull it through wrong and think you messed it up when you actually just have to try again).   DSCF4385

Tuck and iron in the raw edges of the top flap opening about 1/4”.DSCF4386


You can also topstitch around the sides of the flap as well.  Or even around the entire clutch but I don’t ever do that just because all the layers are already sewn together.  DSCF4462

And now it’s ready to go to the cute little newborn and his momma!  I can’t get over how small these shoes are!  Little Miss B (two years old) kept wanting to wear these size 2 shoes today and of course there was no way that would happen.  Babies grow too fast!  Diaper Clutch Pattern + Tutorial {a lemon squeezy home}

Wanting to make it more girly?  Here’s another version I made from gathering some ribbon and sewing onto the flap:
Dandy Damask with Green Ruffles Diaper Clutch and Wipes Case with Free Card

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    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am making a bunch of baby stuff for my niece and I will definitely make one of these too!

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    Thanks so much for this! I made one of these the other day from looking at one I received as a baby shower gift, and your way will make it a lot easier than the way I did it copying the one I had. :)

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    I used the one you gave me all the time. But once Amanda was potty trained, I gave it to Janina. She uses it all the time now!

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    I just recieved a baby shower invite yesterday. Perfect timing, Christie. It’s for a girl, so I totally want to make something with some awesome girl fabric. Wanna go fabric shopping now :)

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    I would be lost without my nappy wallet…your style is so different to the ones I have seen, I love that it is so different.

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    Oh thank you so much for the tutorial AND pattern! I have a baby shower I am throwing in a few months and I was just about to collect some patterns for a basket of homemade goodies! :0)

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    Found this tutorial through Today’s Top 20. have a shower tomorrow- better go get sewing! Thanks for the tute!
    p.s. I love the fabrics you used- darling!!!

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    Hello Christie.
    I am from Portugal (Vila Real) and i love yor blog. They have so many ideas and lovely things.
    Thank you for yor blog.
    Maria Esteves

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    Just finished making your diaper clutch for my little girl (she should arrive any time now – please wish me luck!:-)) and I just love it! I also added the little strap you featured on your wet bag (thought it might be handy, we’ll see :-). I’m definitely gonna make this again for my pregnant friends :-) many many thanks for yoyr lovely ideas and tutorials!! :-)

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    thank you! after sifting through google search results for diaper pouch tutorials i found your blog… this is EXACTLY the style i had in mind. perfect! (and super fabric in your photos too.)

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    thank you for this!! I made one to give as a gift and am already planning another one. Yours looks better than mine but I am hoping the more I do the better they look! I may have to make one for my own use…I just blogged about it and wanted tell you that I linked back to your tutorial. Thanks again!

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    Thanks so much for sharing, this is great! I made it this afternoon, with a couple of changes because I ran out of ink so couldn’t print your pattern. Your instructions are very clear. Cheers! :)

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    I made one of these today! Its was a breeze with your awesome tutorial! Thank you! I have 4 baby showers this month and was at a loss of something cute but useful to make!!! Thank you so very much!!!

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    Thanks, thanks, thanks Christie.
    I’ve been searching the blogosphere for a tutorial for an iPhone cozy that is built just like that, since I didn’t want tthe seams on the sides and was already disappointed cause I couldn’t find anything, and then I seached your blog (to which I’ve been subscribing for a long time) and I FINALLY found what I needed.
    Thank you so much. This tutorial is perfect. Very clear, and the pictures say it all.

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    Fantastic tutorial! Thank you so much! It took me almost no time to put together. I will totally be making more of these for friends :-)

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    What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I just finished mine (and loved how quickly I was able to accomplish it even with a 2 and 3 year old running around) and will definitely be making more for friends. Thanks again!

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    Hi, I found this post & was trying to print off the files and each time I print them the test square isn’t measuring right. Are there specifc settings I need?

    Betty Jo

  19. says

    I just printed it and it was fine, so I checked my settings. When I print it, it says “fit to printable area” in my page scaling and the auto-rotate and center box is marked. Hope that helps!

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    Christie…It did help & i’ve completed my first one. I’ve only been sewing for about a year and with a toddler I don’t get to do much but at any rate I did complete one…here’s my blog post…don’t worry I put a direct link back to your site!


    Thanks for your help,
    Betty Jo

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    A friend asked me to make her something like this but she wants it to fit about 10 size 4 disposable diapers.. how many, and what size, diapers does your pattern hold?

  22. says

    yes, approximately how many diapers will this hold? And what kind of fabric do you recommend using? It’s hard to tell what you used in your photos.

  23. says

    Amber and Marissa, this will hold about 3-5 larger diapers…you can adjust the width to fit more.

    I used cotton fabric (just quilting fabric).

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks so much for this, Christie! I used your awesome tutorial to make one for my sister-in-law. I’ll email u the link.
    -Kristen from Thrifter in Disguise

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    I’ve been making diaper clutches for a while now, but this stack and stitch method is brilliant. It cut my sewing time in half. Thank you!

  26. says

    I’ve been making diaper clutches for a while now, but this stack and stich method is brilliant! It cut my sewing time in half. Thank you!

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    I used your pattern for a gift recently and directed them to your blog for the tutorial in my blog post. It turned out so cute and was so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing! Visit my blog to see my how cute it turned out!

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    Thankyou for the great tutorial. I just made one for my friend’s baby shower coming up – looks great!