Computer Time/Game Time Tickets: Download for Kids

Just a couple months ago my two boys became really interested in playing computer games (Wild Kratts, Dr. Seuss, Webkinz, etc.). DSCF5180We don’t own a Wii or Xbox or anything like that, but it doesn’t matter much because playing games on the computer still seems the same to me.  My kids DO feel quite deprived though, which is fine with me ;).  But I don’t want you to think that I’m saying I don’t agree with having them, because every family likes different things!DSCF5173

These tickets were not my idea.  I had some ideas told to me by three great friends–thanks Erin, Sabra, and Dezi [who does have a blog, but it’s her family blog so I won’t link].  DSCF5177

They all mentioned something about time limits, tickets, and the ability to trade in your tickets for some money.  We’re cheap around here, so a quarter is what we decided to let them trade a ticket for.  You can make your own really easily, but I did include the download HEREDSCF5172

Hopefully this will actually get them to play LESS.  Because I only plan on giving them 3 tickets a week, rather than letting them play every day. Less time on the computer = more time for imagination, right?!  (Again, I don’t want to offend anyone—I think we all know what’s best for our own kids!).

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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    This is great! I have been trying to get something like this done for a couple of months now. Right now my kids have to earn their tv/computer time (no Wii here either) by reading twice as much as they get to watch/play. I was going to make my tickets more like bookmarkers and laminate them so we could reuse them but your version might just be eaier. Thanks!

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    I’ve seen this idea and I think it’s a great one. I think I’m too lazy to take care of all the little tickets. I let my son have 15 minutes per day on the computer. He can pick when and he can add them up for a couple of days to get a solid block of time but only 15 minutes per day (6 days per week, not Sundays.) So glad I did it because he was asking me all the time. Glad to read that I’m not the only one going through this (and limiting computer time.)

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    What great idea! My girls get 20 min. on the computer. They usually only remember to ask a couple of days a week. I had never thought of this idea of trading in for a quarter. I love it. Thanks for sharing theses.

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    I love the idea of exchanging for money instead. My kids are always looking for ways to earn money, without doing real work :)

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    fun idea! shared it on my brassy apple FB page! :)

    my kids are only allowed so much per day and have to earn it first by doing their jobs ;)

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    I really like this idea. We like to limit game time too but he plays everyday still. We definitely need to be better about it! Thanks for the inspiration.

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    This is a great idea! It also teaches kids about making their own choices. Thanks for sharing it.

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    I would like to say my generation is very into video games and growing up we had no game systems at all and though I wouldnt always know what kids were talking about I never felt really deprived. As I have become a parent and spent time around friends I am glad i dont have the addiction to video games and i plan on doing the same for my kids.

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    MY son actually is crazy about the computer also. He is six and could literally play all day if we let him. We actually home school and I was having issues with him being good during schooling, so we made it that we could only do it on the weekends, which is working pretty well. I think I will have him earn these tokens throughout the week though and redeem them over the weekend. I think he may like the fact he has the option of trading them in for a quarter. Thanks for the fun idea:>